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Odin Sphere - Colours of Summer by Kurai-Hisaki Odin Sphere - Colours of Summer by Kurai-Hisaki
This photo reminds me of summer... the sun, the grass, the warmness of the photo.
It is currently -30 degrees Celsius where I am right now.  It is cold!  ;_:
I want summer to come back soon!  ><''

I love this costume because it was incredibly comfortable to wear (aside from the shoes), yet still looks incredibly kickass due to the giant weapon! I suppose it wasn't all that friendly when it got too windy outside (;____; poor wings), but anyways, I still really enjoyed being Mercedes.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my shoots - including people who had to hold my weapon and wings when it got too windy!


Fun Facts: 
1. I braided my wig so that there was a hole for my elf ears! 
2. I spent the longest time on my wings than on any other part of my costume. 
3. My crossbow is super light & the crystal lights up (because I put LEDs in there)! :D
4. Lots of thanks to ~Wing2x1 for helping me with the costume (& ~RayLumPhotography for helping me with part of the wings)! We spent a long time on the shorts because I kept getting wedgies... LOL. It's all fixed now though - wedgie free! We also forgot pockets, so I just stuffed everything up my shorts and hope it stayed >____>...

:iconkurai-hisaki: (me) as Mercedes

Photography & Edits: 
Tomestorung Photography -…

Code Geass Series:…

Odin Sphere Atlus
Anime North 2013
Kia-arra Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely as always!  I could really use some of that sun right about now.
Kurai-Hisaki Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg, tell me about it.  I want warm weather ;_;

So ready for summer.
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January 3, 2014
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